Wk 11 — Student Choice — Part 4

Version 1
version 2

I think my strengths for version one were that I felt more natural when making it, and didn’t have much to compare it to the first time around so the bold color choice was the good kind of spontaneous. I think because I didn’t have a clear shot plan for the first one it might have ended up too busy, or I could’ve chosen different colors for things like the wings and background.

My classmates noticed that if I had not included a description of what my product was they might not have realized it was an angel, so including more detail might help.

Because of this, I decided to add more detail especially to facial features and went for a little more of a loose look since not worrying so much about it looking perfect and realistic and more focusing on at least drawing more attention to the piece in the middle rather than all of the lines I had carved in initially. I found them to be a bit too distracting, so I included less and avoided carving over the angel. I also mixed the colors up a bit and used a black background and yellow wings, with more yellows and blues with the tans and grays.

I think that my second draft as far as color and spacing of the curvy lines turned out better, but I like the wing color and the way the actual angel turned out for the first draft better.