I chose to sketch a face, and used a blue ballpoint pen and different shade of purple and blue watercolor to add some loose shadows. What I tried out this time for this sketch was to not worry about how accurate my drawn features were to the actual reference, making the process less frustrating and low pressure. I think it in turn allowed for a more relaxed final product. Im trying to work on realistic technique and facial features, and I feel that I ended up being pretty successful! I still think I need to work on the concept of “less is more” when it comes to water color though, some area ended up being soaked or too washed out.

Throughout the semester being in Art 110, I have been exposed to all sorts of new forms of art and expression. The meaning of what art is has been transformed and my knowledge has stretched, as I have discovered and experienced art from the perspectives of my classmates and outside…

Artists Heather Anacker and Krista Feld are local creators from Cal State Long Beach who recently took part in co-leading an exhibit depicting aspects of their lives and lines of work, called Dwelling. Both drawn towards crafting unique pieces with purpose, these young artists combined bits from their lifestyles and…

Partner: Cameron Hay

Padlet was a fun way to use images gifs and text boxes to display a topic and you can make it as visually pleasing as you like with personalized organization tools. It was really easy to use and I think it was attention grabbing and simple.

One of my personal favorite writer-directors, who is especially known for his cerebral and often nonlinear storytelling, Christopher Nolan has won and been nominated for multiple awards due to his tendency to deeply psychologically challenge his audience. He was born on July 30, 1970, in London, England, and for over…

  1. My original project idea was to do lighter color oil crayons and use a screwdriver to carve lines over the final product.
  2. The only difference in my final product was I decided to make the wings bright orange.
  3. I honestly wasn’t stoked on the final, and i think i actually…
  1. I want to do an oil crayon piece of an angel, using dull dark colors in the background and lighter faded colors on the actual angel, as if a brighter light is shining on it. I want to use a sharp needle to scrape away the thick pastel to reveal…

Artist: Joseph DeLappe
Media: Digital Media, Electronic media, sculpture, intermedia
Website: http://www.delappe.net/

Artist: Micol Hebron
Media: Photography, Video, Digital Media, Curation
Website: http://micolhebron.artcodeinc.com/pages/bio-and-artist-statements-and-old-news/

Artists Micol Hebron and Josheph DeLappe are both creators who’s content speaks for a social call to action regarding relevant events in our current time. Delappe, a…

Sarah Grunseich

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